Last month's theme was to bring in your ugliest pipe. This was a tough challenge, after all who buys ugly pipes? The only ugly pipes we see are ones other people buy (have anyone in mind?). Well, we had a few participants bring in what they thought were ugly pipes but in fact most of them weren't very ugly at all.

The proud owner of one of these pipes will soon be able to boast that his pipe holds the title of...

"The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club's Ugliest Pipe".

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Now you see, these pipes don't look that bad
..... if you like knurled wood.
We might have one possibility here.
There's gotta be one here.
There's definitely one in this bunch.
Ugly or Scary... you decide?
These 3 are contenders for sure.
The three Ugly Pipe finalists are......
and the Winner of the Sherlock Holmes Ugliest Pipe Contest is.......
(I bet you can hardly wait.....)