The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston
September Meeting Reminder

Good Day Gentlemen,
Just as the cushions on the patio furniture completely dry out from a soggy summer, the crispness in the breeze returns and soon we'll be retreating to the warmth and coziness of our easy chairs and fireplaces. Finally life slows down enough to allow us to get reacquainted with a few of our favorite briars that have been neglected by the fast pace of the summer months.

This month's meeting will be on Wednesday September 10th, 2003

SHPC Event

Steve Gutz's New Library and Pipe Room "Pipe Party"
Those of you who attended last month's meeting have heard that Steve's Pipe Room & Library has finally been completed and from what I've heard he's gone all out. In celebration of it's completion, Steve is throwing a party and all interested members are invited. The details of the party are:

Party Date: Sunday - September 14, 2003
Time: 2:00 PM until ????

Steve's House
10 Abbot Lane
Harvard, MA. 01451

You Bring: Pipes, tobacco, wives, husband, friends, children, drinks, entrees and desserts.
Steve will Supply: Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Soft Drinks. etc.

Steve needs to get a head count as soon as possible so please rsvp to Steve at as soon as possible. I will talk to Steve at this month's meeting about directions however, you can easily get them from Yahoo Maps , or MapQuest.

Father Barley's Response
As many of you know, Mark "Barley" Maxfield had decided to follow his religious calling and left us some months ago for Pennsylvania to finish up his education before entering the Seminary. As mentioned in last month's Reminder, Mark came back to pay us a visit and to do us the honor of blessing our pipes. Unfortunately my theological knowledge is not up to par with that of Father Barley and I misquoted the prayer he was to use in the "Blessing of the Pipes". I would like to share his response with all of you.

The Prayer for the "Blessing of the Pipes":
Through the intercession of Saint Dunhill pipe maker and smoker may your pipe be forever free of burn out, breakage and all foul tasting tobaccos. Amen

Father Barley's Response...
"Wrong, wrong, wrong...... As anyone knows, there is no St. Dunhill - the miracles attributed to him were learned to be nothing more than a hoax...they were just good marketing! There are several who qualify (St. Bruto or St. Marco come to mind...[Don Carlos and Moretti, respectively]), but as they're both still living it will be some time before we can invoke them; and of course there is St. Kiess, who has the added advantage of being local...but again, still living. There is, however, the ancient saint from the early Church in Rome, St. Cloudius Smokus Alotus, who, while being burned alive (for refusing to worship the Emperor's ass, Plodius Stubbornius), was seen to inhale and enjoy the smoke of his own pyre! "
Mark (Barley)

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
While at the New York Renaissance Faire this past month I ran into this character smoking a black sandblasted Churchwarden. We got to talking about pipes and I found out he worked for a cigar distributor. I inquired as to the type of tobacco he was smoking to which he replied Stokkebye 1882. It smelled nice and I wished I'd had my pipe with me. He also had in his pouch a tin of the newest McLelland tobacco from the 221b Baker Street Series called "Honeydew". Since we raffle off 2 cans of tobacco each month I thought it fitting to select these for this month's raffle. Unfortunately the 1882 is sold in bulk and hard to find in small quantities so I chose another Stokkebye tobacco from the same series to raffle instead, it's called Luxury Twist Flake.

As an additional raffle item, I also picked up a couple of Audio Books on Tape, The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes from the old Radio Shows of the 40's starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

Pro Smoking News
NY: One wily New York couple found a way around the smoking ban and puffed away at their wedding last weekend. Carol Serafin and Philip Rusche, two longtime customers of the venerable Nat Sherman tobacconists on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, decided to hold their nuptials there. "Due to the mayor's Draconian anti-smoking laws, Carol and Philip wanted to go to a place where they could exercise their right to enjoy life freely," a rep for the shop explains. Guests were treated to champagne, wedding cake - and cigars.

Smokers Paradox Puzzles Doctors
Smoking might give you a heart attack but smokers have better chances of surviving a heart attack than non-smokers, according to a puzzling phenomenon dubbed "smokers paradox".
The apparently "protective" effect of smoking in heart attack patients was highlighted in a study confirming smoker's paradox among older patients, released at an international cardiology conference. (read more)

Ted Blank's Carved Head Meerschaum Collection
At last month's meeting Ted Blank brought in a display of his carved head meerschaum collection and I must admit it was quite an impressive collection. As promised I will digitally recreate his display for those of you who missed it or needed a closer look. Click the image below to view Ted's display.

Ever since I first joined the club, Bob Kiess has been our resident pipe maker. Bob makes a great pipe and has sold many of them to our members, at pipe shows and even at Perretti's in Boston. He's been featured in the North American Society of Pipe Smokers Newsletter and was chosen to make the SHPC 2002 Club Pipe. If it weren't for Bob's boring job as a physician Dr. Bob's Pipes would be selling right up there with Boswell, Don Carlos and a few others. But watch out Bob because we have another club member with a full head of steam right behind you.
Tim Hynick made his first pipe from a kit about a year and a half ago and since then has shown real promise at becoming a successful pipemaker. But in this past six months he has brought his pipemaking ability to a whole new level. He spent some time at J.M Boswell's shop in Pennsylvania which just happens to be the state where Tim grew up. Like an old dry sponge Tim soaked up as many techniques and as much knowledge as his brain could hold before returning home to squeeze it all out on his basement floor. He purchased a few more tools to make his work easier and to help put the finishing touches on his already professional looking works of art. He no longer makes pipes from kits but drills all the holes himself and with precision. He's done some work with premade stems but hopes to be turning his own someday soon. Tim's pipes look better and better everytime I see one and if he keeps going the way he is, one day he may even be rich and famous. Well, at least he'll be famous.

So the next time you see Tim at a club meeting or pipe show, ask him about his pipes, it'll be well worth your time.

I hope to one day have one of Tim's pipes in my pipe rack, that is.... if we can ever get him to sell one?

The New York Pipe Show
A few of our members attended another New York Pipe show this past month. Ted Blank took a few Polaroids and ask me to post them for your viewing pleasure. I'm not sure who that woman is in the picture but when I spoke to Ted earlier this week his wife didn't sound too happy. Since no theme was determined for this month's meeting we will will hear some reports from the folks who attended the show. So be ready!

Tim and Rick
Tim, Ted and a Mysterious Woman
Rick & Andy


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