The CORPS Pipe Show
Richmond, Virginia

October 1, 2 & 3, 2004

Michael Parks & Friend 2004 CORPS Show Sam Learned
P&T Carving Contest Pipes Bill Taylor - Ashton Pipes Wellington Pipes
Feurbach, Negoita, Bonaquisti Interesting Jay of Hermit Tobacco

BAC Art Pipes
Gandalf Troll Sherlock
Shell Dragon of some sort Dr. Zeuss Contraption
Yours Truly Ashtray BAC Art Vendor & Sherry
J.T. Cook - Vermont Sam Barnett RD and Janice Field
Steve Monjure Steve Johnson Peter Heeshen
Me and Dr. Bob! Clays and Bobble Head Indian

Blacksburg Pipe & Tobacco - Blacksburg, VA.
Blacksburg Sign Joe the Owner Pipe Selection

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