Catchin' Up Checking out Mel's pipes The Hudson Valley Boys
Figurals More figurals and even more figurals
Checkin' that nomenclature It's the new "Frank Method" Dante and Tim
SHPC Oval, ya gotta have one. Paul's Shop Kaywoodie Pipes
Checkin' out Pauls Stuff Not production here?? Where Paul keeps his Stuff
Tim with the Bowling Burl Just saw Andy in the Red Dress! This looks familiar...
Jay and Steve Art, Bill,Tony, Rob Sandy havin' a cold one
Me and Andy Gavel and Quincy Rolando and Mel Feldman
Me and Rolando Get ready.... Go!
Bill Sandy Tim
Steve Rolando Hey! Don't step over the line
Nine Down Paul and Jay What are you smokin'
there a golfball?
Listening to Mel's tales Bob and Mel See no smoking ban!
Hear no smoking ban!
Speak no smoking ban!
Back Row: Bill Feurbach, Jay Beard, Dick Somer, Rob Garbarino, Tony Parella, Bruce Harris
Middle Row: Nelson, Dante Canarozzi, Paul Bonaquisti, Rolando Negoita, Steve Wyman
Front Row: Bob Smith, Sandi Gerli, Andy Camire, Mel Feldman, Tim Hynick
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